Should an Entrepreneur Act as a Registered Agent?

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Amid COVID-19, many Slot online individuals are pursuing entrepreneurship and starting small businesses. If you decide to incorporate or form an LLC, then you’ll need to designate a registered agent on behalf of your business.

What is a registered agent? Before you designate a registered agent (often abbreviated as RA) for your small business, it’s important to understand the following key concepts:

What is a registered agent?
Are there requirements to becoming a registered agent?
Why is it beneficial to work with a registered agent?
Can a small business owner act as their own registered agent?
Are there other options available to finding, and working with, registered agents?
What is a registered agent?
Let’s say your small business is formed on the state level and incorporated as an LLC or corporation. It is then given a right to due process. To remain in compliance with state laws, most states require the business to designate a registered agent.

A registered agent – often abbreviated as RA – may be an individual. A third-party service, like a company that is designated to receive service of process, may also be a registered agent. The RA acts as the point of contact, and primary communication, between the business and the state.

An RA may accept legal and official documents on behalf of your business. Some of these documents may include but aren’t limited to franchise tax forms, annual report notices, and any filing fee deadlines. The RA will then organize the materials and pass along this paperwork to the owner of the company in a timely and modest manner.

Are there any requirements for becoming a registered agent?
In order for an individual or third-party service to qualify as an RA, they must fulfill the following requirements:

Physical location: Registered agents must have a physical street address. A P.O. box is not considered a substitute for an address. Additionally, this street address must be in the same state as the business location.

Business hours: Registered agents must be available to accept service of process during general business hours. These are generally Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., similar to that of a typical workday.

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